Relics Of Consciousness (2020)

Relics Of Consciousness, is the culmination of 2 years of active tours around Europe and Latin America. The album was planned to be an active journey through dimensions for a deep dance floor.  

As difficult moments around the planet arise when the album was supposed to launch, I  was putting a lot of intention on it to be an album where people could find a space to rest from all the mind control and try to shift those energies into a more creative and safe path.

The music was created when I used to travel more in my life, so it’s a compilation of moments and lives I had through many countries and learning from many different types of cultures and friends. 

The difficult moments for artists but the importance it got on 2020, made me realize that I wanted to dedicate this album to all underground artists creating magic! 

Thanks to you all for bringing us all joy and creative adventures, whichever they may be.



JaguarTree Discography