Today I wanted to address some of the questions many followers of my electronic projects have been asking me, inquiring best practices to keep your mixes at good gain staging levels and ensuring a dynamic mix. 

Cutting to the chase, I use 2 very important plugins from Izotope in all my projects at the side of my spectrum analyzer. On the master channel I’ll have the Balance Control and the Vintage Limiter. This limiter I’ll set it up to bypass so no processing is being applied. 

Why do I use these plugins in my master track you ask?

 Simple, I really like the visual information these two plugins give me about the song and I can easily track different things that are happening in my mix. I use the Vintage limiter to read the RMS and the LUFS of the song. 

Is so easy to change between them that this is my favorite plugin for this action during all my process of creation, and even more when I get to my mixing stages. I do a lot of my work based on my ears, but it’s always good to have reliable metering plugins to see what’s happening to make proper decisions.  

Having a good dynamic range in your mixes and knowing that your overall balance of the mix is similar, will give the Mastering Engineer a good range to work with. Remember that the magic of music happens when the proper levels of volumes and eq’s are applied in the most careful ways. 

To Learn more about how to get your mix to the next level, follow the Izotope blog! where many experienced producers share their knowledge.

Learning about music should be fun, but make sure your sources are reliable