New Album 2022

The JaguarTree project is part of the Merkaba Music family, which is a very important Australian Label. Avant-garde label with very mystic artists from all around the planet. The sound of the label has shaped for many years the dance floors of festivalas like Boom Festival, Ozora, Sonic Bloom, Solar Eclipse and many others.

Album Concept

The sound archetypes were imprinted in ancestor brains by the shamanistic rituals of chanting and dancing. We all carry remnants of these imprints in our genes and in our collective mind.

Chanting and dancing still have powerful effects on humans. Kiirtan is a modern version of the sacred dances of the Paleolithic times. The Sufi dances are the same way. Rhythmic repetitions of certain sounds take us to our beginnings. Basically we are reaching the deeper layers of our brain, the parts of the brain that deal with raw emotions and even deeper layers, the so-called primitive brain where involuntary body functions are performed. The sound archetypes are to be found at this layer of the brain and in the corresponding layers of the mind which is the collective mind of our species.


JaguarTree Discography